a lovely part of the world

Why IDG ended-up in this peculiar corner of the north west is down to a chap called Derek Meakin.

Meakin founded a software and publishing company in 1965 that was eventually named Europress. This capitalised on the boom in home computing in 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Meakin chose this part of the world for his business because he lived locally, just down the road in Staffordshire.

IDG eventually bought Europress.

I believe even the office buildings that housed Europress, IDG and then Live Publishing were created by Meakin. He was one of those old-fashioned kind of businessmen. If he wanted a bigger office then, well, he’d just build one. It would be another part of his empire. I wouldn’t be surprised if he owned the printer that printed his magazines, and the tape duplicator that ran off copies of the software.

So, myself and my parents ended-up living in this part of the world for a few decades was because of a chap called Derek Meakin. Who I didn’t know, other than by sight.

Meakin would visit the Live Publishing office from time to time to say hello to old friends and colleagues who had been at IDG and Europress before that. He died in 2010.