Below are some links to content I’ve created as of March 2022.

Please remember that over the years I’ve been responsible for a huge body of work, and linking to all of it is impossible.

My output is published under my married name of Keir Thomas-Bryant, and also Keir Thomas.

Links to my work

  • Blogs: Here’s a link to my Sage Advice author page in the UK (and the US). Scroll down for my B2B blogs, listed in date of publication. I don’t know how many blogs I created in my time at Sage, but it’s the order of hundreds, and across every conceivable B2B topic for small businesses. Want to know about protecting your cash flow, expanding your business, or dealing with staff and payroll? Oh boy, did I ever write about all of those—once or twice!
  • Lead gen assets: Here’s a small sample of download assets I originated and created at Sage. Perform At Your Best is the hero asset in the Small segment for the ongoing Boss It campaign, for example. Again, I created a great many of these assets for Sage. The Ultimate Guide to MTD shows my specialism in semi-technical tax/legal B2B content. As you might expect given its timing, the latter has proved astonishingly successful in lead gen for the UK team.
  • Interactive: The Accountants’ MTD Workload Estimator—an interactive (Ceros) tool that I originated, designed and wrote copy for. I even created the logic that makes the tool function!
  • Videos: GDPR for Business—A Summary—just one of the popular videos that I designed and scripted. More recent examples are the MTD guides that can be found embedded in Sage Advice blogs like Making Tax Digital checklist: How to ensure you’re ready for MTD for VAT in April 2022. All videos have also been cut down for social use, as was the original intention.
  • An older portfolio of my work before I arrived at Sage. This covers a long period. It includes everything from blogs (including the blog I created and grew to over 600,000 yearly page views), to print magazines, to textbooks. Again, I produced a lot of work as both a writer and editor, and this is just a sample.
  • I’ve also created lots of small assets like social copy, web copy, email templates, and so forth. I can try and compile these into a list if required.


It’s obviously impossible to provide precise details of my results because these are commercially sensitive for Sage. However, I can provide some general non-specific information. I originated and created the following in FY21:

  • Captured top position SERPs for common B2B search phrases, such as “payroll year end”, and especially terms around the Making Tax Digital government initiative. For some time my blog about MTD for Income Tax was again the top SERP position, which was amazing considering how hotly contested that position is.
  • Four out of the five top performing blogs in the UK were written by me. In fact, blogs created by me were the top performers on the Sage Advice UK blog in nine out of 12 months of the year.
  • Two out of the three top-performing content downloads in the UK were created by me, as was the top-performing download in the US. Gated assets created by me were top-performing on the Sage Advice UK blog in January 2021, February 2021, June 2021, and July 2021.
    • (Annoyingly, Sage has a superb evergreen asset created before my arrival that often kept my work off the top spot in the other months! I did help improve this evergreen blog and asset combo on a few occasions, though.)
  • One of my PDFs was Sage’s most valuable global content asset in FY21, generating well over £1 million in pipeline. This wasn’t even part of a major Sage campaign.
  • A content link-up with a third-party site that I helped engineer (and create the assets for, of course) proved extremely good in terms of lead generation.

It’s vital to acknowledge that although I take credit for the above content, I always worked as part of several teams. Many people were involved in support tasks like reviewing the assets (e.g. Sage’s superb compliance knowledge team), graphic design, editing, and so on. All these assets wouldn’t exist without these people’s input, or be of such high quality, and I’m hugely grateful. Teamwork truly is dreamwork!

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