• Professional name: Keir Thomas
  • Actual name: Keir Thomas-Bryant (thanks to marriage)
  • Age: In the middle, sadly. 
  • Occupation: Writer, of various kinds.

Here’s my career so far in the space of 10 sentences. If you want full career details, visit my LinkedIn page

Keir at home
Keir at home
  1. Started my career as a staff member on computer magazines during the boom period.
  2. Went on to edit computer magazines over the space of over half a decade.
  3. Went on to write best-selling computer textbooks about Linux and Apple technologies. One of my books won an award! I was a textbooks commissioning editor for a while too.
  4. Wrote and then self-published Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, which would go on to be downloaded over a million times.
  5. Worked as a professional blogger. One of the blogs I wrote is a footnote in computing history because it inspired the person behind BitCoin to go into hiding and never speak again.
  6. Did LOTS of freelance journalism and blogging for various magazines and sites. See my LinkedIn – there’s a portfolio PDF hosted there.
  7. Started a “professional hobby”: Formed a poetry publishing company in Manchester, UK that published several anthologies of local poets, amongst other things. 
  8. Decided it was time to earn a decent living, and switched careers to content marketing at one of the UK’s largest software companies. 
  9. Throughout everything, have been writing novels and sitcoms with a hope of this being a professional endeavour at some point.

Note that my professional name is Keir Thomas, but you might see me listed as Keir Thomas-Bryant. That’s my married name as of 2015.