Here’s my career so far in the space of 10 sentences. If you want full career details, visit my LinkedIn page

Keir at home
Keir at home
  1. Started my career as a staff member on computer magazines.
  2. Went on to edit computer magazines over the space of five and a half years.
  3. Wrote best-selling computer textbooks. One of them won an award! 
  4. Was a textbooks commissioning editor for a while too.
  5. Wrote and then self-published Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, which would go on to be downloaded over a million times.
  6. Worked as a professional blogger. One of the blogs I wrote is a footnote in computing history.
  7. Did LOTS of freelance journalism and blogging for various magazines and sites. See my LinkedIn – there’s a portfolio PDF hosted there.
  8. Started a “professional hobby”: Formed a poetry publishing company in Manchester, UK that published several anthologies of local poets, amongst other things. 
  9. Decided it was time to earn a decent living, and switched careers to content marketing at one of the UK’s largest software companies. 
  10. Throughout everything, have been writing novels and sitcoms with a hope of this being a professional endeavour at some point.

Note that my professional name is Keir Thomas, but you might see me listed as Keir Thomas-Bryant. That’s my married name as of 2015.